How to write an essay (Tips for student)

Here are your tips to write an essay.

1. Remember that a good essay has three-part, i.e. introduction, body, and conclusion.
2. Be sure about which topic you're writing an essay.
3. Read the given clues well. If the clue is not given, think about of clues yourself to develop an essay.
4. Begin introduction by defining the topic or quoting the related lines or simply stating the background. Complete it in the first paragraph.
5. Write the body of the essay in three paragraphs normally. however, you can write in two or four paragraphs as well.
6. Discuss one idea in one paragraph.
8. Support each paragraph with facts, examples, data, and information from various sources.
9. Creat linkage from one paragraph ta another. You can use the words or expression like first of all, next, then, finally, etc. to create linkage.
10. Pour your ideas logically and systematically.
11. Do not make the body of the essay lengthy or monotonous.
12. Do not repeat the same thing, the same words time and again.
13. Conclude the essay in short in one paragraph including the main points that support the topic of the essay.

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