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Hey guys, Sujal here today I have come up with an IOE entrance model question with answers. You can view with images given below or simply go through the link given at end of the article. 

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ioe entrance model question with answers

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Some FAQs

What is the pass mark of the IOE entrance?

It's 54 out of 140.

How many questions are asked in the IOE entrance exam?

There are 100 questions. 60 questions for 1 mark & 40 questions for 2 marks.

Which institute is best for IOE entrance preparation?

It depends on you. If you want quality + at an affordable price then you can go through Clamphook or if you have a good budget then PEA is also a good one.  

Can we use the calculator at the IOE entrance?

Yes, You can use the non-programmable calculator (normally used one). Eg: Casio fx-991ES, Casio fx-991ES plus

Is the IOE exam hard?

Absolutely not, You just have to clear all basic concepts of +2.

How long is the IOE exam?
IOE exam is Only 2 hours long.

Is the IOE exam computer based?
Yes, it is.

Is IOE under TU?
Yes, It is under TU.

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Note: I do not claim any copyright for the content. The content is taken from the IOE entrance accelerator & EPCM book by Sir Bijay Puri.


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